3 little hacks to have more profile views

With over 100 million active users each month on LinkedIn, chances are people will be searching for someone with your products/service to offer on the platform. And just like Google searches, what you put in your headline will determine if prospects will click on your profile. Here are three little tweaks you can do on…

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7 facts about LinkedIn that should get you excited

Or if you rather it to be in text: 467 Million professionals worldwide 106 Million unique monthly visits 89% of users say LinkedIn is useful in growing their network and developing their businesses The average user’s income is $83,000/year, double the purchasing power of the average US consumer 90% of LinkedIn members make household decisions…

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The You vs. I Hack

This email is about “you”. No, not you literally, but the word itself. And here’s what great copywriters do not share with you: They use it all the time! Yes, to create marketing copies that sell, these wordsmiths always ensure the use of You or Your is more than We, I or Ours. As a…

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Copywriting Stop Hammer Time

Stop describing your products and services

Imagine this: you get a resume for a potential candidate, and you saw this line:- Ruslan is a hardworking, insightful and team-focused manager. So the descriptors (adjectives) here are hardworking, insightful and team-focused. Sure, those are good values, and probably gives you an idea what kind of manager Ruslan is. But do you want to…

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Email Marketing

What’s the problem?

Let’s get straight to the point: one of the easiest ways to get even your coldest prospects to open your email, is to have the email subject lines to remind them of a problem (or problems) they have. For example: These 3 easy steps have helped millions to lose weight effectively One simple tweak to…

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